Social Responsibility

Rally is not only about speed, but it is mainly about the safety of the drivers and co-drivers during it. The main worry of the FIA is to be present in almost every part of the world where rallies are taking places and make sure that the safety measures are available, in racing cars & on the tracks.

Along with racing skills needed to be a rally driver, a person must understand that the safety measures and factors available in a rally car (roll cages, automatic extinguishers, helmets, anti fire suits….) are not found in our regular daily car, and therefore it is forbidden to exceed indicated speed limits on daily roads, because our lives & the life of others are being held in danger. Moreover, rallies are made on closed circuits with the total absence of any regular car on the track.

Therefore rally is a culture where the safety measures and precautions are a real philosophy. In the RB group, we share this philosophy and try as much as we can to pass it out and spread it between our family members our friends and our society.

The RB group with all its members accepts and support the YASA values, norms and ideas. That it is why, in every appearance of any of our members on TV, radio, newspaper or any other type of exposure, we try our best to pass out these valuable lessons to the youth and the rest of the society.

Our main aim is to create the needed awareness in the mind of people about dangers of speed and the accidents on roads that might lead to severe and eternal injuries and sometimes unfortunately death. By doing this, we are fulfilling and accomplishing our responsibility towards the society, we are a part of it.